13 comments on “Golden Gate Bridge

    • Thanks for your feedback! I really like the D610. I had the D600 for a year and experienced a lot of frustration with it. The company finally replaced the camera withe 610 and life through the lens is great!

      • Your welcome 🙂 Did they replace it for free? I personally own a D7100 and never owned full frame camera. But I felt it was a bit of betrayal when Nikon admitted the d600 was a mistake with production errors and still charged for an upgrade to the d610. Like paying for a repair in the warranty period.

        Kind regards,

      • Hi Tieme,
        Yes, Nikon Canada replaced my camera for free. I had sent it in three times within three months… after trying to make the Nikon dealer understand that it was the camera not working correctly and not the operator being inexperienced in addition to being female… It was still under warranty (everything happened within the first year!). I wasn’t sure if I wanted the D610 but so far have no regrets! I have been working with this camera for about ten months now. – Where did you read that they charged for an upgrade to the D610? That really would have been like paying for repairs in the warranty period. I wrote a long letter which included a detailed breakdown of the issues when I sent the D600 in for the third time – and with a phone call from the dealer I was sent a D610. I consider myself very fortunate! Best regards, Anna
        PS: Thanks for the “follow”.

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