A collection of worn out boots at the entrance to the Great Sandhills of Saskatchewan, Canada

A collection of worn out boots at the entrance to the Great Sandhills of Saskatchewan, Canada

A small box camera at age nine, started it all… the need to capture my ever-changing surroundings, nature at its finest, awe-inspiring moments, great architecture and human emotion. I feel incomplete without my camera close by. From basic film, to point-and-shoot, and now a full frame DSLR I continue to challenge myself to better understand the intricacies of exposure, aperture, motion and depth of field while attempting to immortalize moments in time.

My name is Anna Hergert and art is my passion. Facilitating workshops, sharing knowledge and creating textile art for dissemination has been my focus for more than 20 years. Travel has been a vital part of this career, and subsequently I developed a keen interest in capturing the imagery of places I visit by choice and by invitation.

Pursuing a career in travel photography and writing is a dream that has become a reality. I continue regularly  immerse myself into learning. In late 2012 chose MatadorU as my online college. A firm believer in continued education  certificates in travel writing and travel photography have paved the road into the world of a traveling writer. From March 2013 through January 2016 I was a regular contributor covering art and culture events for the Moose Jaw Express.

When an extreme cold spell in February 2014 made daily ventures outside impossible I looked to the internet to further challenge myself: I signed up for the online diploma course offered by The Photography Institute. I cannot fully express how valuable this investment was. I feel more confident than ever when I handle my camera, technical terminology no longer discourages me and my photography skills have grown. One-on-one tutor feedback and critiques boosted confidence and provided the encouragement to persevere and further hone my photography skills.

I have entered photography competitions in print and digital formats over the past several years. The feedback and awards have helped me reach further and higher with photography than I ever anticipated. I held the position of president of the Moose Jaw Camera Club during the 2016/2017 club year. I continue to embraced the challenge of administering the club website/blog which has been my responsibility since 2015. My commitment to develop and support a strong membership is met by organizing and delivering regular photography workshops covering a variety of topics to grow everyone’s knowledge base.

October 2016 introduced me formally to the art of contemplative photography through Nalanda Miksang teacher John McQuade. This contemplative practice has become a vital part of my daily activities. I was certified as a Level 1 and Level 2 Nalanda Miksang Instructor in May 2017 and am actively accepting invitations to teach Nalanda Miksang .

I am currently a resident of Saskatchewan on the Canadian prairies, a place so often overlooked on weather maps and travel logs. Ten years ago I not only turned my back on a large urban center, I chose to settle in a rural community of fewer than 75 people. With limited distractions my attention was immediately drawn to the natural surroundings we live in, their subtle nuances and gradual changes throughout the seasons. These observations re-awakened a deep passion for nature and how it affects human disposition. Searching for beauty in seemingly mundane landscapes, the furrowed faces of my elders, sharing my intimate relationship with nature, and stirring an emotional response is the ultimate goal as I explore the world close to home and across the globe.

(Last update on July 9th, 2017)


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3 comments on “Biography

  1. I love the way you can embrace a place that is not originally home to you. I think you are the only person I know who isn’t from the prairies and actually appreciates it like we do. : ) Though all my relatives who immigrated from Germany stopped when they got here. There was something about the space, and the 4 seasons. All the artists stayed and set up new homesteads. I’m so glad you saw it. All the best with your camera! ; )

    • One has to embrace where one chooses to live despite the extreme temperatures, from well below -30 C today to well above +30 in the summer… Giving up is not an option – although I am looking forward to exploring Santa Fe in late April. What keeps me going and forging ahead are the wonderful prospects of travel beyond Saskatchewan. This year will be full of exploration, from the lake outside my front door to the American Southwest, the Rhine River Valley near Bonn to Rome and Abruzzo, Italy. So much to see and so little time!

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