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Soaring to New Heights with Photography Workshops

During my journey to better understand the DSLR camera, its functions and making images I have identified several stepping stones that made the technical aspects of photography easier to understand and internalize.

Sharing knowledge, teaching workshops, coaching creativity and motivating students of all ages have been a vital part of my adult life. The development of photography workshops is a natural progression from presenting design and technique based classes for the last 20 + years.

I realize that today’s trend is to look to the internet for instruction. Hobbyists are pressed for time and often just want a quick answer to one question. An educator at heart I believe in the power of learning from an actual instructor. My workshops are a combination of  lecture, discussion and hands-on practical exercises to reinforce the material presented. I accommodate all learning styles, from auditory, to visual to kinetic participants will gain valuable knowledge and experience. Workshop groups are limited to 6 to ensure optimal learning. The following is a line up of hands-on workshops covering various aspects of photography.

Anna Hergert_Chester - King of the Barnyard The Stepping Stones Photography Series: Tailored to the needs of all DSLR and Bridge Camera owners who want to understand and communicate comfortably with the camera in their hands!

Step 1: Good Bye Auto, Hello Manual Setting!

You are the proud owner of a camera: You may have owned this camera for a while, or you have just put down your hard-earned cash on the model of your dreams. No matter what the scenario, you are yearning to leave behind the confusing manual, and reading books on the subject matter is not your idea of fun either…
Come together with your friends, club members or like-minded camera enthusiasts and move from making good pictures by chance to images that reflect the subject matter and captivate the viewer.

Skill Level: Beginner to Informed Beginner
Equipment required: Bring camera and an all purpose lens (24 – 70 mm, 18 – 55 mm or similar), tripod.
Class Size: 6Participants
Duration: 4 hours instruction time

after sharpeningStep 2: Meet the Magic Three
Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO

If f-stop, shutter speed and ISO appear like a foreign language or scientific equation this hands-on workshop is for you.
Get comfortable with your camera’s aperture and determine depth of field for the image you are planning. Add the variability of your camera’s shutter speed based on the lighting conditions present and determine the optimal ISO to make images that deserve to be printed every time!
The workshop is filled with short presentations and numerous hands-on opportunities to familiarize yourself with the camera concepts introduced throughout the day.

Skill Level: Beginner to Informed Beginner
Equipment required: Bring camera and an all purpose lens (24 – 70 mm, 18 – 55 mm or similar)
Class Size: 6 Participants
Duration: 6 hours instruction time

DSC_0110Step 3: The A, B, C of Lenses

Shopping for lenses can be a daunting task. Everyone has specific goals of what images they want to create. Do we need a lens for every situation? What lens is required in what situation? These are questions pondered by everyone, especially when the new camera owner begins to read magazines and online articles that often lead to wish lists that are long and unrealistic.
Come together and learn about wide-angle, super wide angle, fish-eye, zoom and super-zoom, macro, and tilt-shift lenses to determine what to invest your hard earned dollars in.
Opportunities to try out lenses are encouraged and fostered for an optimal learning environment.

Skill Level: Beginner to Informed Beginner
Equipment required: Bring your camera, lenses and tripod. Please be prepared to share!
Class Size: 6 Participants
Duration: 6 hours instruction time

Steps 1, 2 and 3 may be offered as a weekend workshop

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Equipment required: Bring your camera, lenses and tripod. Please be prepared to share!
Class Size: 6 Participants
Duration: 12 hours instruction time (2 days, 6 hours each)


Book Image 3Embracing the Power of Natural Light

Create strong photographic images by utilizing natural light in your everyday surroundings.
Best scheduled over a weekend the objective of the workshop is to take full advantage of the lighting conditions from pre-sunrise to post sunset. Low light and long exposure settings will be explored to their full potential.
On Day 1 workshop participants will gather mid-morning to set up, review camera settings and exposure basics (ISO, aperture, shutter speed).
Short exercises to cover the basic elements of composition will occupy the afternoon session. After a dinner break the group will assemble and venture outside to explore the glorious light of the Golden Hour and the time following sunset.
Day 2 will begin 90 minutes prior to sunrise to take full advantage of the light from dawn to the hour after sunrise. A rest period will follow before everyone gathers during the late morning hours to process the images captured during the evening and early morning sessions.

Skill Level: Informed Beginner to Advanced
Equipment required: Camera, lenses, tripod, cable release or wireless remote, spare battery, battery charger laptop computer with photo processing soft ware, charge cables, card reader to download images.
Class Size: 6 Participants
Duration: approximately 15 – 18 hours instruction time total, best offered in a retreat setting


Startrails_firstExploring the Magic of Low Light Photography

Do you set your camera to neutral, shut if off and stow it away in your camera bag when the sun sets? If you answered “yes” you are missing countless opportunities of capturing low light situations. Intrigued? Join me as I “ride into the sunset” to find and create unique settings worthy of capturing with your camera between dusk and dawn.

We will explore the topics of twilight capture, street illumination, light trails, light painting, star trails, and the moon.

This workshop is conducted over three evenings. (Depending on your location these evenings may be consecutive or spread over one night over three consecutive weeks)

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced, Pre-requisite: Stepping Stones Series – Highly recommended!
Equipment required: Camera, all purpose lens, tripod, cable or wireless remote release, fully charged battery, spare battery, insect repellent, seasonal clothing.
Class Size: 6 Participants
Duration: 3 evenings @ 4 hours each, (12 hours of instruction)


Passage of Time_bThe A – B – Cs of Travel Photography

Explore your town, any town, with the fresh eyes of a travel photographer. Join like-minded photographer who love to travel and learn what it takes to capture the essence of your city from a traveler’s point of view. This workshop is ideal for travelers who want to gather images for blogging, scrap booking and photo books.

Participants will spend time in the classroom to get introduced the objectives of travel photography. A hand-on outdoor session follows during the golden hour through twilight and dusk. The day is wrapped up in the classroom with a group critique session of the images captured during the photo session.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced, Pre-requisite: Stepping Stones Series – Highly recommended!
Equipment required: Camera, all purpose lens (50 mm prime lens, optional), tripod, cable or wireless remote release, fully charged battery, spare battery, comfortable walking shoes, computer with card reader.
Class Size: 6 Participants
Duration: 1 day (6 hours of instruction) Workshop is conducted over an afternoon and evening to take advantage of optimal light conditions.


snailsPhotographing Art Work

Painters, textile artists and fine craft artisans are required to photograph their work for competition and submission to galleries. Website galleries, blogs and FaceBook pages also garner attention and statistics soar when the images shared are of professional quality.

Whether you are an artist who desires better photographs of the work you create, or you are interested in providing photography services to the artists in your life, this hands-on workshop aims to cover the pertinent details. The day begins with basic technical information about cameras, lenses and their settings to the considerations necessary to make quality images for the client or yourself.

Skill Level: All levels
Equipment required: Bring your camera, all purpose lens and tripod.
Class Size: 6 Participants
Duration: 6 hours instruction time


Christmas Cactus B_WExamine, Identify, Evaluate: Master the Art of Composition

Embrace and understand the elements and principles of design to achieve strong compositions while expressing yourself in your chosen art form. Have you asked yourself whether your work is balanced and meaningful to the onlooker. We are often too close to our own creations to stay objective. Learn to step back and see your art with new eyes.

Geared toward any skill level, especially that of emerging visual artists (painting, photography, textile art etc.) this session will equip the participant with the tools to effectively visualize, evaluate and develop ideas.

Skill Level: All levels
Equipment required: Bring your camera (cell phone camera and point-and-shoot models acceptable)
Class Size: 12 Participants
Duration: 6 hours instruction time



“Design Inspiration in Early 20th Century Art and Architecture”

Fascinated by the style of a particular artist? Is a certain view of the down-town sky line of the city you live in breath taking to you every time you see it? On your travels near or far have you experienced a vista that will not leave your memory? This digital presentation will provide you with ideas and suggestions on how to capture your personal experiences and translate them into original art. Lecture is accompanied by samples of textile art.

“Pushing Boundaries: Finding Inspiration in the Diversity of Viennese Art & Architecture”

Vienna has played an important role throughout history. Surviving Turkish sieges, the transformation into a landmark studded with baroque jewels of architecture to the vast and constant changes throughout the 20th century caused by political rule, war and rebuilding with a vision to the future. Travel in the foot steps of emperors and artists and get inspired to book your next journey.

“Environmental Influences & Creativity”

This digital lecture covers various aspects of the artist’s visual inspiration. The presentation provides the audience with a glimpse of the dynamic and diverse life of the presenter, and showcases the influences instrumental to her work.  Lecture is accompanied by actual work.

“Fanning the Flames of Creativity”

A creative approach to life is not something that happens by chance. Join this photographer and artist in breaking down the myth of talent and divine inspiration. Based on her own creative journey coupled with some valuable Renaissance  advice from the greatest artist, inventor and scientist of the 15th century Leonardo daVinci your creative fires will be fanned and burn brightly before you leave the lecture hall.

orchids header

By Special Request: Travel is a passion and the following destinations have been explored and captured in imagery. Lectures can be tailored to your group and interest. Topics available:

The Colorful Light of Antelope Canyon, Arizona;

Destination South Dakota: Rooseveld Badlands and Mount Rushmore;

Dream Drive – California Hwy. 1 (Cambria to Eureka);

California Coastal Impressions – Big Sur, Santa Cruz, San Francisco to Mendocino;

Christmas Is in the Air… Advent in Central Germany, Bavaria and Austria;

From Plymouth to Boston – Walking the Freedom Trail;

Chasing the Aurora – Aurora Borealis Activity from Southern Saskatchewan to Yellowknife;

Virtual Bavaria -The Mad King’s Castles and Oberammergau Passion Play 2010;

Walking in the Foot Steps of Antoni Gaudi – Barcelona, the Jewel of the Iberian Peninsula;

Lectures are one hour in duration. A question and answer session can be accommodated after the presentation.

016_Anna Hergert_Once Upon a Time_When Wind and Water Shape the Pages of Natural History

Interested in booking me for a Workshop, Presentation or Lecture? Email me with your questions. annahergert@me.com

$ 100/hour per workshop (i. e. 4 hour workshop: $ 400; 6 hour workshop $ 600) – up to 6 participants (exception see Composition Workshop above) .
$ 300/digital lecture;

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